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I am embarking on my very exciting journey... Continues Day 3

Posted by Chef Linda on May 25, 2010 at 1:09 PM

I had a Banana & Stawberry Shake with Vanilla and Chocolate this morning. My goodness that was good. My girls enjoyed it too. I let them split one with toast and they were full off drinking half. I feel really good this morning and I can tell it has a lot of vitimins that my body needs. I take a multi vitimin but this is extra plus with the matabolisim excelarator pills make you fell good.

My task for today!

I am going to build my cleansing support system. I am spend time with people that I care about and ask them to help me achieve my health and weight loss goals.

Here is the things to do list if you are getting ready to do a program:


First,  I need to do is make list of all of the people who influence my behavior - friends, family and co-workers. If you haven't told them about your Nutritional Cleansing plans, tell them today. Even though we're confident you can make it on your own, it's easier when you have the support of people who care about you.


When you discuss your plans with your support team we suggest covering these points:



  • The Cleansing and Fat Burning System represents your first step toward your best possible health


  • Cleansing is the missing link to weight loss and improving health. As you cleanse impurities from your body and replenish nutrients, you will naturally gain energy and lose weight


  • While following the system, you'll also be ridding your life of nutritionally deficient foods and adopting healthier and lasting habits


  • You want each person's support to help keep you focused on your goal.


If friends or family members have questions about the process, it may be helpful to show them the products and System Guide when they arrive. As your support team gains understanding of the process, they're better equipped to help you - and, they may even decide to join you! Which will make life easier when you have a friend to cleanse with and help keep each other on track.

My girls and dog are going out doing my run-walking tonight. Which we run for a short distance and walk for the same distance then run and walk. Before you know it we will be running the hole mile. Baby step with my babies that are 7 and 9 years old. My dog can use the exercise too. I hope the weather holds up or we will do some exercising inside. Get creative is what I say. Put some music on and dance! Woo hooo....

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